Materials and IT Support

Materials for Checkout

These materials can be checked out from a professional learning department staff member to a partner school. To request the use of materials, please email your name, school, district, the material requested, and dates needed (up to a week). School is responsible for pick up and return of the requested materials.

Kate Carlson,; Dawn Ferreyra,; Eileen Heller,; Laurie Kerr,

Break Out Boxes

  • 5 breakout kits

  • All 5 can be checked out, or just checkout a couple

Name Tents

  • 20 dry erase name tents with mini markers and erasers

  • 4 sets available

Stomp Rocket Kit

  • PVC pipe

  • White paper

  • 2 liter pop bottles (supply your own for large group use)

  • Directions are included

Wind Tunnel Kits

  • Box fan

  • Large wind tunnel

  • Box of maker supplies and directions

  • 2 kits available

Computational Thinking Bins

  • Computational Thinking Bins are stand alone, individual boxes, each containing an activity for groups of students that teaches a computing concept.

  • 6 bins are available for checkout

  • We suggest to checkout all bins and have students cycle through each.

Water Kit

ESU #3 Guided Activities

Professional learning department staff members are available to co-teach or guide the following activities with partner schools. To request a program, please email your name, school, district, an overview of the activity, and dates needed (please contact staff members a month in advance).

Kate Carlson,; Dawn Ferreyra,; Eileen Heller,; Laurie Kerr,


Dash and Dot Robots

Indoor Drones

Sphero Robots

Sphero Mini

Circuit Playground